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Precious by Pineconelover12 Precious :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 41 3 MMCD Irene Concept art by Pineconelover12 MMCD Irene Concept art :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 38 3 Bubbles by Pineconelover12 Bubbles :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 15 2 Dreams AU 15 by Pineconelover12 Dreams AU 15 :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 63 7 Katelyn ref4 by Pineconelover12 Katelyn ref4 :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 46 2 Dreams AU 14 by Pineconelover12 Dreams AU 14 :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 68 14 Aph Hair Ref by Pineconelover12 Aph Hair Ref :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 30 0 MMCD Katelyn ref3 by Pineconelover12 MMCD Katelyn ref3 :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 48 2
A Kid Named Arthur
A Kid Named Arthur
My story began on a Tuesday… or maybe it was a Friday. I was of sixteen years of age and I remember it all so clearly, well like half of it anyways. I was living with my adoptive father, Sir Ector, and my adoptive brother, Kay. At the time, I didn’t know I was adopted, though I probably should have guessed since I’m the only blond in the family. I always felt different even though my father treated me like family and Kay… well he didn’t treat anyone with respect, so there’s that.
On that Tuesday or Friday morning, I woke up to the sounds of animals and Kay practicing for his knighthood. My hair was in my face and I think that I probably looked gorgeous (as usual). I lifted myself up begrudgingly and went outside to find my father. Two steps out the door when I heard,
“Look out!” I sleepily turned to look at the source of the voice. Out of nowhere, I was hit square in the center of my forehead with the hilt of a sword. I
:iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 1 0
MMCD Katelyn ref2 by Pineconelover12 MMCD Katelyn ref2 :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 52 3 MMCD Katelyn ref1 by Pineconelover12 MMCD Katelyn ref1 :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 48 3 Dreams AU 13 by Pineconelover12 Dreams AU 13 :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 83 9 Dreams AU 12 by Pineconelover12 Dreams AU 12 :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 62 14 More Mmcd Concepts by Pineconelover12 More Mmcd Concepts :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 50 4 kiss scene redraw MMCD by Pineconelover12 kiss scene redraw MMCD :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 60 6 Meeting Travis MMCD by Pineconelover12 Meeting Travis MMCD :iconpineconelover12:Pineconelover12 79 5


ASKYlva 1 by Ipku ASKYlva 1 :iconipku:Ipku 75 7 ASKYlva 2 by Ipku ASKYlva 2 :iconipku:Ipku 71 11 BringBackTheLove by Ipku BringBackTheLove :iconipku:Ipku 121 27 Jess by TheEmeraldCat131 Jess :icontheemeraldcat131:TheEmeraldCat131 66 5 Garroth x Door by WatchForAdoptables Garroth x Door :iconwatchforadoptables:WatchForAdoptables 90 15 .:It Be Dem|Shadow Knights|Aphmau MyStreet PDH:. by MayakoEqualsTrashCan .:It Be Dem|Shadow Knights|Aphmau MyStreet PDH:. :iconmayakoequalstrashcan:MayakoEqualsTrashCan 32 3 .:Precious Baby|Nekoette~Tan|Aphmau MCD:. by MayakoEqualsTrashCan .:Precious Baby|Nekoette~Tan|Aphmau MCD:. :iconmayakoequalstrashcan:MayakoEqualsTrashCan 24 5 Garmau! by BlueAngleWings22 Garmau! :iconblueanglewings22:BlueAngleWings22 18 10 the floor by theundeadartist14 the floor :icontheundeadartist14:theundeadartist14 37 3 Travis Icon by TheEmeraldCat131 Travis Icon :icontheemeraldcat131:TheEmeraldCat131 45 2 Pastel Galayxie Zane by Angelic-Reaping Pastel Galayxie Zane :iconangelic-reaping:Angelic-Reaping 22 1 Thrill of the Hunt - CH2 P12 by Ipku Thrill of the Hunt - CH2 P12 :iconipku:Ipku 173 41 Ylva - Human by Ipku Ylva - Human :iconipku:Ipku 119 17 Thrill of the Hunt - CH2 P11 by Ipku Thrill of the Hunt - CH2 P11 :iconipku:Ipku 174 45 Thrill of the Hunt - CH2 P10 by Ipku Thrill of the Hunt - CH2 P10 :iconipku:Ipku 161 35 Koanan Dragons by InkRose98 Koanan Dragons :iconinkrose98:InkRose98 149 18



The words I used are from "Hurricane" by Bridgit Mendler
Also if you are interested in conspiracies about MCD here's something dumb--> (if it works)
MMCD Irene Concept art
I took a small break from Aphmau while my tablet was broken so now that it's fixed I'm getting back into Modern minecraft diaries and stuff. Also spoil me on the episodes, I don't care.
I decided that Irene was active in the 50's and I had a lot of trouble deciding when it would take place because of Hyria and Lucinda but I think I figured it out. I probably did my math wrong. Now that I think about it... it's probably supposed to in the 60's. UGGGHH I dont like the style in the 60's. oh well... And young Hyria is a red head.
My OC Tristian (that's how I spell it). See I have original ideas and characters, also this was mostly practice and experimentation since I haven't used my drawing tablet in a long while. I love adding belts but in a medieval/fantasy setting I don't know how to just have them there.
Here's a wee bit of info about Tristian:
(I know he's not super impressive or original but I still love him)
He's a wizard in my fictional world of Felirra. He specializes in light and medicinal magic.
When he was 10 he moved in with his cousin, Mari, and her family.
He IS NOT a tsundere. If he likes you, it will be apparent, if he doesn't, he'll let you know.
He cares a lot about family and anyone he counts as family.
He likes grapefruit. (Idk why.)
He is very insecure about his right eye, so he hides it with hair.
He has a sarcastic sense of humor.
He is easily annoyed by the stupidest things.
He's mildly amathophobic. (look it up)
His favorite animal is a tree bear (In Felirra it's basically a bear with a long tail)
His least favorite are fairies (I imagine them a bit differently than Tinkerbell)
Dreams AU 15
I'm legit shaking right now! This was the last comic in my reservoir but in some miracle, my drawing tablet has been saved!
As for the comic... I really like whale sharks that's why it's there.

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2. Write thirteen things about yourself

3. Answer thirteen questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own thirteen questions

4. Tag thirteen deviants

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 1. I have teal parts in my hair
 2. I have freckles that almost disappeared entirely than returned(It's weird)
 3. I don't believe "luck" is real but I still do things that correlate with luck like doing certain "rituals" to insure victory
 4. I have mild agoraphobia
 5. I'm scared of chemicals
 6. I need to emotionally(and sometimes physically) cling to someone
 7. I can understand almost all Spanish but suck at speaking
 8. Every male character I fall in love with turns into my son (I don't know why)
 9. I'm socially awkward and everything that has to do with other humans stresses me out (like tags)
10. I need gum to survive, I love it so much TvT
11. I love DC! I once got into a rivalry with someone over it XD
12. I loved reading Warriors when I was younger and I found one of my favorite animators through it who got me into Miraculous Ladybug and Voltron.
13. I'm super over emotional over stupid things


Are you a creator, and if so, what do you create?
um... art

Do you like your creations? (If you don’t create… then… do you enjoy other’s creations?)
most of the time yes... for like a day

Would you die for someone?

Would you live for someone?
of course

Would you ever kill someone? (Sue me)
no one real

Have you ever hurt someone for someone else? (and if so, did they forgive you for it?)
no... I'm pretty docile(most of the time), for my self however... I have a sibling 'nuff said

What is your Zodiac sign? (the one that fits you the best)
I'm a Leo which is the total opposite of my personality. My personality is more like Virgo.

Have you ever wanted to die? And if so, what stopped you?
Not really, I love too many people.

Are you better at coming up with questions than I am?
probably not

What’s your favorite genre of music?
I jump around a lot so I don't have a favorite.

What’s the song you relate to most?
Most Twenty One Pilots songs.

Would you do something you liked, even if you weren’t good at it?
If it's not tedious, sure.

Would you do something you were good at, even if you didn’t like it?
Same answer as above (I'm hecka lazy)

My Questions:

 1. Do you prefer wooden or mechanical pencils?
 2. Do you enjoy colder weather or warmer weather?
 3. Are you introverted or extroverted?
 4. What is something you randomly collect/hoard?
 5. Do you know what
hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is? Do you have it? If so, I'm sorry.
 6. Do you have a preference for a romantic mate? (Like looks?)
 7. Do you do ships? If so which one is your favorite?
 8. Do you have a piercing? Do you plan on getting one?
 9. What is your best learning style?
10. What's your favorite type of bear?
11. What is your favorite article of clothing?
12. Do you keep your nails long or short?
13. Are you beautiful?(The correct answer is yes.)

I tag:
I'm sorry...


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